Frequently Asked Questions

We have clearly given the answers for your Questions. If you would like to ask for anyother question related to Internet Marketing Services or Training, please feel free to contact us. One of our support team will assist you by providing the right solution through Chat, Email or Call.

Every website in web explains about their Company or Business information with Text, Images, Presentation and Video Contents. These informations are splitted in different web pages with clear description of each product and services. But most of the websites does not appear in Search Engine and Social Media. Since they did not try Online Promotion for their websites. Web Rifer Technologies provides best Digital Marketing solutions for your Company by promoting different methodologies for reaching success every day. This can happen only if you Sign Up for Digital Marketing package or any of the Internet Marketing packages. After your Internet Marketing registration at Web Rifer Technologies, our team starts working for your Company by creating images, videos, slides related to your Services and Products. Finally they publish on targeted pages for gaining backlinks to your website. We do not just submit your links in third party websites for receving more backlinks. Our team is specially assigned for a project by creating different content related to your business for Online Promotion. For all these Online Marketing promotion we charge you affordable cost in Monthly or Yearly Plan.

No, we do not promise any of our clients for Ranking on Google first page. Since Google warns Digital Marketing companies not to promise for any clients. Google may change the Search Algorithm or Search ranking anytime. This will lead to false promise to the clients by promised Digital Marketing companies.

They may work on Black Hat SEO techniques which will give you immediate result with in a month. But later your website may get blocked by any of the future Google updates. This will lead to losing business online permanently with that Website and Domain Name. Most of thr real Organic results takes atleast 2 months of time to display and rank website on first page of Google.

It depends upon the keyword and location you target for your website. If there is 2 or 3 words in your keywords, it may take minimum 3 months to rank on First page of Google. But if you have 1 word in your keyword, then it may take minimum of 9 months to rank on Google first page. 1 word keywords has highest search volume, therefore it requires more people to work for listing a website on first page. Most of the 1 word keywords drive traffic to website but there may not be proper conversion. It is because people search most of the 1 word keywords for finding some information or meaning and if you work for those 1 word keywords, your results will be on 3+ pages in Google search results. There are more publishers (Content Writers) post regularly in internet for different topics. Google gives priority for 1 word keywords to publishers. Hence it is adivsable to use 2 or 3 words in your keywords with high search volume for better and quick ranking.

We at Web Rifer has experienced Web Designers and Web Developers work with recent Design Standards and they create or redesign websites for User Experience (UX). This methodology helps that website to Rank on First page in Google and also best traffic in Social Media. Web Rifer has Google Certified Individuals on both Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You can also verify the Managing Director Google Partner url for updated certifications by visiting this link

This is the Organic Internet Marketing techniques helps your website to rank. You pay only for the Internet Marketing company and not to Google. But in Google Adwords, you pay to Google as well as Internet Marketing company for daily maintenance for best ROI (Return on Investment).

Google Adwords PPC is the top paid advertising internet marketing technique. This can be implemented by anyone for their website. The more you spend, the more you receive traffic is not the right formula. If your Campaigns are created and maintained by PPC expert, then you spend less and receive more traffic with best Conversion or ROI (Return on Investment).

It depends upon the Keywords, Location, Quality Score, Time, Number of Days etc. Once you contact us for Creating and maintaining your Google Adwords campaign, we will let you know the average cost you spend for your campaign by researching your keywords, location and other paid search topologies.

We charge you $100 / Rs. 7000 per month for a website Google Adwords maintenance. If your spend to Google Adwords is less than our mainteance charge, we will not proceed with your service. Minimum your spend to Google Adwords must be $250 / Rs. 15000 per month.

Your Ad might be disappeared in 1 week. At this point High search volume keywords (keywords helps to drive more visitors) may be charged for that week and your ads will disappear since your balance is zero. You need to make the payment to Google Adwords for showing your Ads.

It is strictly not advisable to add the Low search volume keywords due to less traffic. Low Search Volume means less traffic for that keywords. Google shows a red color text when you add low search volume keywords in your campaign. Always use high search volume keywords in your campaign. If you are not sure about adding high search volume and spending less amount, contact Web Rifer Certified Individuals. Our existing PPC experts analyze your campaign and execute for better traffic and conversions.